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Our range of programmes is designed to complement the curriculum, link to key educational priority areas and Gatsby Benchmarks. We have developed our programmes around four key areas of focus; Potential for Growth, STEM, Work Experience and Resilience.

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Following the huge success of the Knights’ Trail Education Programme which saw 43 schools from across Lincolnshire take part in one of Lincolnshire’s cultural highlights of 2017, we are delighted to return as the Education Partner for the Lincoln IMP Trail in 2020.

You may have seen our name pop up at your school – or even taken part in some of the programmes we deliver each year. We work in schools across Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland but, did you know we’re also the regional provider for NCS in the area too!

Our programmes are designed alongside the curriculum and meet Gatsby Benchmarks and Ofsted recommendations to support the skills development of your students and pupils.

In order to deliver our programmes and truly bring the worlds of education and business together, we need your support to bring our programmes that bit extra.

The EBP has been an active organisation in schools and the community for 18 years, working to develop young people’s skills through our programmes. You may have seen our name in your child’s school with our programme delivery, but did you know that we’re also the regional provider for NCS in the area too!

Our programmes provide young people with essential skills that will take them through life. By sponsoring or supporting a school through programme delivery, the next generation and your community can benefit.

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